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“The pursuits of a sexy beautiful girl looking for mysteries and exposes. Her unlimited love attracts gorgeous men and women. As a human or an alien, love drives her.”

The most emphatic girl ever, who loves everybody without limits, is dedicated to discover the love of her life. She has had sex with a million partners and every time she has ended up disappointed because her enormous love is not returned at the same extreme level.
  Inside a rich and dissolute society where everything is free, she is famous for her sensual permissiveness.

  An old and mysterious god enters her life and then disappears. She dedicates her life and talents to find him. In her quest, she encounters many mysteries. Mythology and history become confused. Life on other planets and of other beings becomes her own. Her empathy compels her to assimilate and change alien civilizations.

  This is the story of her adventures. The story of her passions for mystifying people in strange places. The story of a girl with no limitations.

I stretch, nude and exuberant. Cronus looks at me. I turn around and smile wickedly. I see how he becomes hard again.
  As I am spinning, I see a white mound rising at one end of the temple. I go around once more and next time I see my hands and part of my arms, I stop and soon my face is emerging from the stylobate. I watch speechless while my twenty-meter high marble statue fills the temple.
  I am magnificent, my body, my face, my stance. I am so beautiful. I look at me and then I looks at Cronus. “Thank you. I will have your children,” I say.
* * *
The door shakes with energetic thuds. The pounding continues for minutes, the door splinters and warps but does not open. I see flashes of light and I know that the edges are being cut with lasers. After a lull, the pounding continues and the door falls with a thud.
  We are behind the bed. I aim and press the trigger. A police falls to the floor. A barrage of lasers is their response. Our lasers shoot back automatically and I see how theirs implode, exuding blue lightning. So far our armor is protecting us.

* * *
He sets a furious pace and I rush to pass him. He cannot stand the erotic flapping of my fins and I feel his frantic byte and then the sharp pain in my cloaca. Sex does not diminish our speed.
  Satiated, we keep swimming fast, now on the surface, jumping out into the air.
  There I admire the dark clusters of clouds, the strong wind that buffets us, and the furious white capped waves. We are in the midst of a tempest.
  I love this world!

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