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The History of the 21st Century

The History of the 21st Century The must read history of the 21st Century. You will be surprised to hear that optimism is an innate quality of civilization and that better times must be ahead of us. This will happen because the human race is a product of evolution, which is characterized by its ability to forge ahead.
  Read why the 21st Century will be the best that civilization has ever seen. Technology will continue to unleash progress in a way never seen before and computers leading the bio and nano technologies could very well create a world of abundance for all.
  To create this world of abundance for all the inhabitants of the earth there will be a need to recognize that people are not only citizens, but they are also and foremost consumers.
  If the world ever thinks like this, the poor will be rich and the rich even richer.

Practical Artificial Intelligence

Practical Artificial Intelligence Computers and robots will become intelligent and will change society.
This is a tale of the forced evolution of computers and robots by means of scientific research, technological design and engineering, so that they are able to learn, to interact with people and the environment, and to become conscious without necessarily turning out to be human-like.
  Creating Artificial Intelligence is the toughest challenge that technology has ever confronted. However, there is no doubt of achieving this goal of developing AI in the near future. The question is, will it will surpass human intelligence?
  No matter what the answer is, smart computers and robots will be increasingly more important in our lives. And they will bring along social, political and economic consequences.
  A timeline will show you when to expect these paradigm changes.

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