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The world is a utopia, there is no need to work, the Vital emolument allows everyone to live quite well, and there are hobbies, studies, research, sports, music… Activities with no end.
  However, that is only on the Booming part of the world, the rest is a cauldron of abuse, rapacity, and violence.
  The fear of encountering extraterrestrial foes motivates Sofia and her family to make our civilization cohe-sive. But there are too many sins inherited from the dark past of wars, violence, and greedy, power-hungry people.
  It is not easy, Sofia and her family profess the idea of no wars, which means no army and no police, due to concern about the transfer of power to the military-oriented.
  Thereby, the family does the dirty work in suicidal missions. Death and replication are the norm for them, raising the question of ‘am I me?’ and the conundrum of when and how to make replication universal.

Their quest happens in the middle of a technological boom, where many find time and funding to develop their scientific, engineering, or inventive talents.

“The world is changing fast, and Sofia’s family must be at the forefront of the maelstrom.”


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