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The Block of Friends is not a political alliance, it is friendship among leaders who want peace, alongside financial and political stability of their people.
  The Block of Friends was created after A Trivial War to institute a sociopolitical reality where poorness is abolished and the political power of money is eliminated.
  The Block of Friends has no borders, human, social or economic.

The Block of Friends is more than that, it is a family; where polygamy and polyandry have created a lustful family of despots. Jade thinks it is Sabrina's legacy.

The New Generation of the Block of Friends

The Block of Friends has diversified. Entities, civilizations and AIs have embraced its War, Never! idea, and Sabrina's legacy, thereby their human surrogates now form part of the Block, and there is no end in sight, as the Block needs more peaceful and logical civilizations and entities as members to assure the survival of humanity in a senseless universe.

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