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In the last days of the second half of the twenty-first century, the Chinese entrepreneur Táng Wong is assassinated during a mass shooting in the city of Tulsa, while on tour of his aerospace industries.
  No one notices, except his employees and his daughter.
  Why did he go there? Chinese are not welcome here! There are a few opinions. But no action.
  Just another mass murder in America.

His daughter Táng Yáng receives the news with aplomb. She does not cry. She does not ask for justice. She has been trained by her father to tackle troubles and sad news rationally.
  Therefore, she plans revenge. She finds who the master mind of the mass murder is. She seeks a path to vengeance.

She has the resources. She has the determination. She has the know-how.
  She is the most dangerous woman in the world.

“A teenager seeking vengeance hauls the world into an unimaginable future.
A future carved by her unrestrained impetus.”

A man starts arranging the family against a fireplace. It’s time for the family photograph.
  The photographer makes signs to Henley. He takes my hand, and the man says, “Grandpa said only you, please.”
  He looks at me. I shrug my shoulders.
  I count. Twenty-one. I sneer. I must be accurate.
  The man aligns the camera. The soft lights turn on.
  I sneeze, turn around, and get my hand inside my purse.
  Instead of a tissue I bring out my pocket-sized Trejo machine gun, lift it, grab it tightly, point, and press the trig-ger.
  The recoil of thirty-eight .223 Remington shots of my Trejo Ráfaga 5 tests my strength.
  But I panned the gun precisely, as all are on the floor.
  The photographer is trembling looking at me. I reach in-to my purse and bring out a clip, change it, and shoot him.
  Then I walk to the fallen bodies. Some are twitching and howling. I shoot all of them again. This time on the head.
  I review the scene. All dead. I put the machine gun in my fiancé’s hand, tighten his fist and drag him away from the group.
  I drag another body to mask the trail of blood, go back with the corpses and press the button.
  My props explode and I am bathed in blood. I fall face down between an old lady and the grandfather. I try to breathe lightly.

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