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Humanity has achieved everything. This is its golden age and still Ursula is depressed. She has reasons, her sister is dead, Andrew is a long forgotten sad memory and her life is artless, just orgies and sex to combat her demoralized mood.
  In this age, where flawless Illuminati bodies made of synthetic DNA have supplanted homo sapiens. In this age, when life is so easy and comfortable. She wonders how can she be so disheartened?
  Nevertheless, she has the drive to keep on living, after more than 15 millennia, she still desires to keep on living. She created this world order. How can she abandon it?
  She shaped this society, where everything is freely available, where people have forgotten greed and enjoy a simple lifestyle. They walk nude, showing off their perfect young bodies that can live forever. Wormholes provide instantaneous transportation. There is plenty to do, hobbies, orgies, projects and dangerous sports are popular. Their homes are lavish, as is everything that surrounds them.
  Civilization is at a standstill; perfection has been achieved on Earth and nobody wants to explore the cosmos, potentially full of strange civilizations and dangers.
  Agatha, the IA which is embedded in every human mind and keeps the world running, discovers that extraterrestrial have reached the solar system.
  She needs Ursula and Andrew to help her deal with this threat. Is there a way to bring this couple together again?

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As I go up a boulder I see the stands. It looks as if the drapery of spectators is ripping apart. They are waking up. Maybe they hibernate due to the cold of night. Late at night, I noticed many plants shriveling and the sound of animals vanished.
  I run through the forest, even though my feet ache from innumerable bruises. I disregard my pain and look around. The vines have proven to be difficult to handle, but I have a rifle, which is better.
  A movement on my right and I throw myself down. A searing light illuminates the forest. I try to look as I roll to get behind a fallen tree. A light makes a crater on the place I was before. Smoke and debris cloud my vision.
  I teleport to a place 2 meters away and another light blinds me for a second. That was close.
  One of the team is approaching. They must think they hit me.
  When it’s near I kneel, bring up my rifle and pull the trigger with my little finger’s nail. I almost miss, but my target is too close and I chop its left side. I teleport 3 meters away. Just in time. The place where I was is blazing. I stand up and fire. A sustained line of fire, which makes my rifle vibrate until the light fizzles out. However, the creature who was firing at me is no longer there. ‘Four left.’
  I throw the rifle and run away fast.

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