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The adventure continues in:

It is the year 2099 and the world is a supercapitalistic society, where a thousand families own everything. The economy is flourishing; productivity and technology have produced all kinds of marvels. Nevertheless, in this marvelously rich society, Andrew Drexel wonders why 99.9% of the people are so poor.
  Poor people, imprisoned inside enclosed Relocation Areas, live in squalor, violence and suffering. Seven billion are inmates, while seven million live in decadent luxury.
  Ursula was born inside one of these RR centers, she is young, but understands that the system is evil. Andrew has sought refuge inside the RR from the ParaRich families that control the world. Danger brings them together.
  Andrew understands the worlds of rich and poor. Ursula wants change. In peril and hiding, their electrifying love creates fortuitous synergism.
  With the help of a dreaded artificial intelligence, they try to create a new world order. A task well above their capabilities.

Ursula’s restlessness and Andrew’s relentlessness bring continuous action and love into their lives.
They use their decisiveness and intelligence to handle the most terrible situations.

I am in paradise. The world is coming apart at its seams and here we are, in the middle of the Pacific, enjoying unlimited love and luxury.
  The whole world should be like this. There is enough productivity, things are literally made from carbon in the air, food, natural or synthetic is easy to produce. Everybody can have all they need and many all they want. There is no need to keep 99.9 percent of the population poor and in prison.
  The world can be better, must be better.

I watch Andrew and me as we enter the Pentagon, walking as if we were at a parade, erect, confident, a beautiful fearless couple. Now I see why we attracted the Colonel’s attention.
  The silent edited clip follows us through the corridors and the gardens, shows how the Colonel approaches us, how he ingratiates with me and we enter his office. My smile while I hit him with a perfectly executed Aikido move and without losing my smile, shoot him on the eye. How I embrace Andrew, stand up resolute and we abandon the building with the same poise as when we entered.

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