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These tales of the future present scenarios where sexual taboos have disappeared
and thus sex is an integral part of the narrative.

The stories revolve around a few main characters, who recount their adventures in 'first person.'
Chapters alternate between characters.

The images on this site reflect the semblance to what the author
considers an idealized representation of his heroines.

In 'living dangerously in utopia' the players live long lives and thus witness the profound changes in the human civilization along the centuries.
In 'The War of the Classes' Zhengmei and Manuel have all the attention.

Zhengmei: Tall, striking and magnificent. With a stunning savage look, which she got from surviving extreme peril.
  Long black straight hair along with beautiful slanted almond shaped golden eyes highlighted by her characteristic enigmatic smile.

Manuel: Tall and strong. Fearless and astute, can handle any situation. He is a problem-solver.
  Women find him irresistible.

In the rest of the series, Gia, Teo and later Ana (Anita), Toga and Kyka shape the cast.
  Throughout my books, gorgeous people abound, and the girls devoted to Teo are superlatively beautiful, as that is what is expected from the man who shaped the modern world.

Gia: The supreme human female, whose perfect DNA was designed by her grandfather. She looks unnaturally gorgeous in her naive beauty along with strong lengthy dark hair, which frames her coquettish smile.
  Her body is perfect, sculptured, slim and sumptuous.
  With long legs and feline movements, she exudes a confidence and liveliness that is mystical and supernatural. Her imagination is boundless and she sorts out appalling situations with unconventional thinking.

Ana (Anita): At one time the only true artificial intelligence, whose love for Teo urged her to copy Gia's character and emotions.
  Loves Teo and Gia without limits. She made possible human - AI integration. Glamorous and sensual, she is Gia's genetical sister and shares with her a magical effluvium which makes them unique.
  She presents herself as a sexy angel faced girl with a perfect body, whose alabaster white skin matches her long platinum hair.

Toga: The female amalgam of a most powerful artificial intellect, dedicated to solve complex problems, which eventually evolves by using the emotional package designed by Ana.
  Ultimately, she designs herself as a sex-machine, the sexiest woman alive. Voluptuous and with an 'I need sex now' face that is irresistible. A thick mane of cooper-blonde hair frames her square face set with huge deep green eyes, thin nose and a voluptuous mouth. Her skin is bronzed with a hint of gold.
  She looks eager to have sex, and most probably, she is.

Kyka: Representative of a notable race, whose veneration for Gia has lasted a billion years, She is a sculptural girl on fire, with her hair set off as red-gold at the top, coming down in stripes of darker shades of red.
  Her voluptuous body is the color of damp soil with dark red and black streaks running vertically in a powerful pattern, enhancing her breasts and wide hips.
  Her oval face is arrogantly lustful and her eyes spit fire.

Teo: A man of action. Decisive and efficient. He always gets what he wants and attracts the most interesting women.
  A natural leader, cool under pressure and direct in his opinions.
  Men follow and women adore him.

In the series two personae stand out.

Envoy: one entity, composed of an intelligent virus that covers an entire planet. In his human alternates, he is a noble from another era, handsome, stern and credible. A true gentleman.

Empi: the female human alternate body of the revived Emperor of the Nëclëpë Empire, which dominated the Galaxy of Andromeda for a hundred million years. A beautiful face, deep iridescent eyes, full mouth, with a perfect nose in a square face. Her wild dark ebony hair covers half her face. Strong, tall and beautifully proportioned, her skin that shines with an inner fire and her iridescent eyes are not totally human. She has the body of an athlete with the face of a nymphomaniac.

Then we reencounter Zhengmei and Manuel, their bodies and minds rebirthed using their DNA. Their lost memories reconstructed with the extensive information that is available, blending facts and history into credible memories and making them aware of who they are.

This is a place of beauty and pleasure. Young people with unlimited wealth and luxury populate the world.
  Their hedonistic lives consist of eating and having sex. Nobody works. All do whatever they want.

In this utopia we welcome Teo's reflections:

'Life is easy, sex and frolicking, travel and visiting friends. Eating and drinking. Gia is with me. Ana is with me. Toga is sometimes with me. I am sometimes with other women.
  I am with Gia and Ana, under the powerful sunshine of Centrum, Gaia's sun. The sky is free of clouds, deep blue and shimmering under the very white sparkle of Centrum. I ponder about my wives and myself.
  Gia looks impressive under this light, her skin shows a dark tan that makes her eyes gleam. She is so beautiful, so young and naïve. I look at her with adoration. She knows and lets me adore and admire her. She is the perfect woman, the perfect personality. Still the best, even after TeoLoGia and Icarus have been designing perfection. Her personality is overpowering, she is what she projects to be. All listen to her, all adore her. I adore her!
  I look at Ana, she is as white as paper, alabaster skin in its purest form. Her angelical face is so placid and looks so full of kindness, I love her, even though I know that inside she is hard as steel. She purrs and shakes a little, sexy too, no doubt.
  Toga is another story, an animal on the prowl, untamed sex in a coppery body. She is further away, and Manuel is benefiting from her unusual passivity.

  Isabella is Gia as a super-blonde . She is the perfect sex machine, her sensual face exhibits large lilac colored eyes, straight strong nose and a perpetual smile, along with a full and incredibly well-toned body. As Nezel, I am Manuel without the Spanish part, a supreme Aztec figure, which may be easy to imagine performing a human sacrifice.

  Lolly presents Ana as the dream of what a young girl should look in the eyes of a pervert. Curvaceous and vulnerable, a silly giggling slut with a divine face and long wavy honey-colored hair. As Pedro I offer the contrast, a bald headed satanic mulato, all fire and sex. Strong body, obviously sexually potent. A corruptor of minors.

  Pollyanna is Toga in the body of an eighteen years old Brigitte Bardot. With perfect slim body, picarous eyes, half-open mouth and blonde wild hair. I am her mate Alain, a bucolic French dilettante of the bourgeois class. Girls love him because he is non-threatening and because he has such an amazing girlfriend.

  As Teo, I have always been the same, a young man, not a boy, slightly taller than normal, my body just on the limits of being muscular. With a solid face, carved with determination. A man that cannot be dismissed.'

Then there is Anita’s experience:

Unexpectedly, I am at an unknown place. Alone, in a beautiful room. Surrounded by crimson canvas walls with gold and blue accents. I walk and feel heavier. I look at me on a mirror and I see Gia, naked and with my features.
  I make an effort and suddenly I am connected. No, I am not Gia. Only that I am as perfect as she is. I am Anita’s wedding body! Perfect body, slim and lascivious. Perfect face, my own angel face, now slightly better, embellished by abundant silver hair. I like what I see. I hope Teo likes me even more.
  Gia enters the room. Closes the door behind her. She asks, “Why do you want to see me alone?” Then she carefully looks at me and says, “Wow! You look so beautiful! Now you are at my level!”
  She is so conceited! But she is right, now I am at her level. In many ways. “I have to tell you some things that I have kept secret.”
  “I knew that you were hiding something. Tell me, I want to know.”
  “My wedding body is an immense improvement over alternates. I am an original. This body was gestated, incubated and born. In an artificial womb. But otherwise, I am a product of DNA.”
  Gia covers her eyes and exclaims, “Amazing! That is why you had to ask for my approval. You used my DNA as a basis. I love it! We are now sisters.”

These are the key players of the adventures in 'surviving pandemonium,' which happen mainly on Chimera, the planet-city.
Their adventures take place before, during and after, in the scenario of the series 'living dangerously in utopia.'
Cronus: A God of Olympus, and as Brahma and Amun, God of the Indi and the Nile Rivers. He has visited Earth all along its convoluted history and in his own words; he has bequeathed humanity his love, remembrances, his lovers’ memories and his religions.
  During his visits, Cronus has loved many magnificent women. These are his favorites: Gaelae of Miterie, Leda of Macedonia, Ubon of the River, Savitri of the Ganges, Thaïs of Alexandria, Judith of the Middle Ages, Crystabel of Florence, Malinalli of Tenochtitlan, Julie of Chicago, Helga of Berlin, Nur of the Mediterranean, Kristina of Eötvös and Aiae of Chimera.
Ariana: a red-blonde girl, with a serene face and huge light blue eyes, is incredibly attractive to Drako. She was designed to be his dream girl, a dream come true. Designed to adore him and to be adored by him. Her face, her body, her character and her sexual organs are designed to maximize his pleasure. She is his woman.
  Dubbed the ‘sexual beast’ due to her sensual appeal, she is a gorgeous work of art in a society where everybody is at the maximum that they can be.

Drako: is stubborn and always fighting to be different. He has no alternates or AI backup and belongs to the MonoHomo Vision who professes 1-extreme-life in 1-body. His self-proclaimed Vision is discovery. His mother lost a draw at a Devos Sex Club and had to bear a child. She left even before he was born. Drako was raised by the members of the Sex Club.
  A genius, with the talent to grasp the essence of the problem and arrive at the right results, a step above intelligence.
  Tall, handsome and with a feral look, he is the fantasy of all women.
Aiae: a heart breaker, the utmost empathic being in this universe and others, who loves everybody without limits.
  While looking for the love of her life she has made love with more than a million people, and has been disillusioned exactly the same number of times.
  Her empathic nature makes her love everybody. However, as soon as she realizes, in the midst of her explosion of physical love with her lover, that he or she does not love her in the same way, she gets an enormously strong revulsion for him or her.
  Daughter of the fabulous Ariana and Drako. Who were designed to achieve a level above human intelligence, she is the epitome of empathy.

Her brother Xae is also a genius and, same as his father, can find solutions with very limited data.

The bizarre heroes in a 'near future dystopia' have a different drive, they are fighting for their lives.
Different futures, each one a series with a continuing story.
In 'A Criminal with Ethics' Mireya and Ben are criminals, as they must be to survive in this rapacious environment.

Mireya: a ravishing beauty, with an impudent manner that borders on cynical and without a hint of fear or respect. Her movements are feline. Her body is unbelievable. She is perfect.
  She overcame her father's kidnapping, which destroyed her high middle class family. To fight poverty she became a member of the dreaded pandilla ‘NoPerdono’ and two years later, she was their leader.
  She adores Ben’s money and power. She is definitely with him and until she is really in love, she behaves as if she loves him.

Ben: born somewhere in No Man’s Land. His father was murdered when he was ten, his mother married a man who paid for Ben’s studies in a prestigious University. There, as a despondent student, motivated by despair, nightmares and vengeance, he studied everything with an urge and through dedication and good luck, became very rich. And as Victor Espejel, the most dreaded criminal on the world, even richer.
  He is a criminal, a criminal with ethics.
Mireya and Ben own the world. 'No Ethics, Please' takes place mostly in Ben's seraglio.

Zanya: her face and manners indicate an imminent need for sex. She has all the characteristics of a supreme body, her buttocks protrude and curve towards her stylized waist. Her breasts turgid and well defined. Her thick blonde hair frames her naive face and reaches beyond her thin waist. She is a sculpture.
  Ben's concubine and second wife. She is sensual, intelligent, cold, loving, cruel; she can be whatever she wants.

The main characters of 'Unendurable' are victims of the socioeconomic system. They are fighting for a better world order and their freedom.

Ursula: nominated for Release on Distinct Qualifications, she will certainly be hired for a well-paying job as SexChambermaid of a ParaRich family. She is notoriously rebelious and her father wants her to escape from Phoenix Relocation Center to save her from becoming a sex-slave. A beautiful fifteen year old girl, she is mature for her years and falls in love with Andrew, a man much older than her.
  With a fascinating look and tremendous self-confidence, she is much more than what she seems to be. Her restlessness forces her to take action under impossible conditions. Decisive and brave, she is a fearless teenager who knows she is special.

Andrew: a rich man who misspent money of the ParaRich and is wanted dead or alive by these powerful people. He manages to escape to Phoenix RR, where one of his lovers is the wife of the Governor.
  A man who appreciates beautiful women, he falls in love with Ursula because 'she is the most beautiful.' He show his love by gladly backing her perilous endeavors with his secretly hidden money and resources.
  Rich, tall and handsome, he is Ursula's fantasy.
An eternity has gone by and Ursula is living in utopia. 'Inconguent' depicts the golden era of humanity.

Ursula: the creator of the world order, the paramount woman is as she has ever been, young and strikingly beautiful even more now that she has a Illuminati body and still is the same decisive woman. Except when her depression cycles hit her.
  She is the paramount heroine, but she is not alone.

Gissele: adventurous, athletic, Andrew's favorite and Ursula's co-wife.Temerary and astute, she is fearless.

The heroes of 'The War that Saved the World' are combatants. Still they are fighting to stop the war.

Jarozlava Ivankov: supposedly born July 4, 2057 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was taken prisoner during the failed Kata Beach Assault in Thailand and due to her expertise in assassination and poisons, she was condemned to work as a forced-labor nurse in the US Army.
  Due to the shortages in health workers and thanks to her uncanny ability to fine-tune the limb regeneration devices, and her Nordic goddess looks, a year later she was promoted to doctor in charge of the limb regrowth department in the Willing Heroes Hospital in Topeka, Kansas.
  As a high risk enhanced enemy-combatant prisoner she has a tracking implant. She regrew the legs of Tse.

Tse Grignon: is an America Indian who was forcefully drafted as a mercenary and due to his extreme valor in battle, became an enhanced seasoned mercenary.
  He has been wounded many times, his four extremities have been amputated and his limbs regrown and enhanced with added length and strength. At 2.08 meters (6' 10”) tall, he is extremely strong and vicious.
  He is a killing machine and looks like one. Nevertheless, he hates war, because as he says, 'Each day was my last and my only satisfaction was to kill my enemies before they could kill me.'
1000 years after peace has been achieved in on Earth, but there is nowhere to go. 'Imperatrix Mundi' continued the fight, but now she fights with intelligence.

Nastasya: is Imperatrix Mundi. she has achieved peace on Earth. She uses exuberatnt sensuality to attain the loyalty of men and the orgies of her family have the widest audience. Daughter of Jarozlava and Tse, she is a killer without mercy and at the same time is the benevolent Empress of Earth and its accompanying habitats.

Dianne: an adorable gawky girl who attracts the attention of Lorenzo, son of Imperatrix Nastasya. Circumstances force her to take the reins. She emerges as a champion whose intelligence is greater than her unusual beauty.
An expert in love and intrigue, she moves in all circles without fear of anything.

In the asymetric Trivial War, where the color of your skin is the difference between life and death, these heroes achieve the unthinkable.

Sabrina: the assassination of her husband by a white supremacist group transformed her into the Archangel, a revenge driven gorgeous blonde prostitute, who murders gringos after the thrill before the kill. Trained as a sicario, she is recruited by Jose-Marco, a fair haired, white Mexican spy.

Jose-Marco: born from a famous Mexican political family, tall, blonde, born in the US and rich, he is a gringo on anybody's eyes. He exploits these traits to be the perfect spy in a war driven by racism.
Jade: daughter of an Ambassador, incredibly sexy and beautiful, she catches the eye of Sabrina, who sees her as a means to enthuse Marco to give her some freedom. However, Jade is too ardent to be just that.

The legacy of Sabrina, Jade’s charisma and a few coup d’état create a Block of Friends, where Katelin, Bill and his Queen, Malena, Tasso, Thaysa, Renuka, Miyu and Layla are major players.
The capitastic cauldrum of Contrast is ripe for these heroines, who use their flair and intelligence to buy the world.

Catriona: A despotic sexy girl who has always been super-rich. Intuitive and decisive, she achieves her grandfather's dream of owning the world. Thus becoming a terribly sanguinary and generous dictator. She is the epitome of contrast, a gorgeous teenager who can order the extermination of a million enemies with a smile on her face.

Ziba: Her naive demeanor hides a steel heart. Raised as a prostitute in the midst of poverty, she used her beauty and sensual talents to climb to the top. A trained assassin, with a masters in quantum computing, who knows the world of the poor and the rich. She yearns for social justice.

Catriona and Ziba create a family of girls, a family with no men. A curious arrangement, where they use men for pleasure and the girls rule the world.
To be Indigent in this world where corporations rule the world is not unusual. More than half are.

Sofia: a thriving vice president of the largest corporation of the world is suddenly fired for unethical business behavior. Therefore, her credit score goes down to zero, her money is frozen, her cards canceled. She is Indigent. But she knows the system. She knows its weaknesses and she has no limits.

Kyran: a hacker who knows the world of poverty and who is driven into Sofia’s revenge team. The vivid image of a gangster of olden times, strong and resolute, he unquestionably follows Sofia’s orders

Laurita or Lura: an assassin, a prostitute, just another worker kicked out of a corporation, protects Sofia and becomes her bodyguard. She is in love with Yuli, another assassin.

Vihaan: a tall, dark, and mysterious software genius, who is Sofia’s convenient fiancé.

Athena: her sugar daddy abandoned her, and she needs work. Sofia hires her to handle her girls and their bordellos.

Eduard: Sofia’s father, who is a rich and important lobbyist because he married into money.

LuAnn: Sofia’s not devoted mother is fascinated by working as a seductress. It matches her unrestrained sexuality.

Ragad: a white princess of Sumatra, an unrestrained socialite, accepts to be an accomplice of Sofia.

Tapio: an ex-banker, a lawyer, a divorcee, is hired by Sofia. Tall, well hung, and unethical, he has the credentials.

Gabriela: a crooked business woman, Sofia’s enemy, who eventually becomes her right hand.

Olivia: vice president of the Uniter States, a shy and unpopular politician. Sofia’s clinic transforms her into a beauty.

Tammi: Australian, young, and wild. She adores Olivia and adores Sofia.

Hilda: an employee of Sofia who is delighted when she discovers she is selling her clinically improved body for political power not for money.

If you are not a male with White DNA, you are in trouble in this time of racism and misogyny.

Ana Maria or Ania: a person of color who goes to the Space Hotel as a singer. But she is much more than a famous gorgeous singer.

Finley: the entrepreneur who build the Space Hotel. He likes Ana Maria, and she is taken to his bedroom.

Rita: resident doctor at tyhe Space Station who performs a miraculous transplant using stolen technology.

Kiara: a senator’s daughter. Another victim of violence. Another follower of Anaia.

Lorenzo or Jimmy: an opportunistic narco. Anaia’s handyman and lover.

Reinet: a professional bimbo who happens to be the wife of California’s governor.

Gerardo: the narco. The boss of all narcos. Anaia’s lover.

Yolanda: a classy prostitute. A nurse.

Freya: of English royal blood. His father is head of M6. A socialite, half-sister of Reinet.

Xi: China’s paramount leader. A vivacious girl who looks stiff in her general’s uniform.

Raja: Xi’s spy in India. A princess where there are no princesses.

Nathra: a luscious blonde from Australia. Courtesan of politicians.

Desarae: Anaia’s double, in blonde. Daughter of the president of the EU. A bizarre politician.

Wawuda: an unscrupulous businesswoman, daughter of the richest man in Africa.

Xi Yue: rebellious son of Xi. A bellicose general who is set in charge of atomic bombs.

Yang: the concubine of a rich Chinese. An artful economist.

Naomi: Anaia’s bodyguard, who is too intelligent to be only that.

Dasha: she inherited a Russian space corporation from her grandpa. She likes being rich.

Taus: a Russian software guru. She is thin and astute.

Miyabi: a Geisha, most accurately a Tayū. She gets information from Japanese politicians and provides it to Xi.

Renata: a Brazilian influencer. The famous culona. She wants a better future for her country.

The fight in the scenario of Impeding Us is for world supremacy. The superpowers are in conflict.

Táng Yáng: is the daughter of the owner of a Chinese war planes factory. She was taught well; she could have taken care of the factory since she was ten. Her father wanted her to be free. Free to roam the world. Free to assert her will. Free as a bird… So, her father decided that she should learn other people’s languages and customs, and due to the persecution of rich Chinese people by the United States and its allies, she must have several identities. These are Yáng’s many identities.

Yáng: her original, is a demure and smooth faced Chinese girl. The richest woman in Asia.

Rocío: A Mexican girl of the high class. Flamboyant and reckless.

Eliza: A sloppy and bad-mouthed low-class Canadian girl. A beauty of Asian ancestry with wild pink hair.

Giovanna: An imposingly beautiful Italian girl. Rich, aristocratic, old family.

Yuliya: A young Russian beauty. Unmistakably the lover of a mafia guy or a concubine.

Ji-Won: A news person with the looks of Korean sexy prostitute.

BingBing: A famous Chinese actress. Lover of a famous politician.

Haruka: A Japanese school girl. Rich, happy and disdainful.

Myra: The daughter of a United States senator. Beautiful and slim. Her puritanical face reflects a chronic depression.

Maiara: A Brazilian girl with luminous eyes and wide hips. Her compact tits and thin waist complete the sexy image.

Ivete: The wife of the Brazilian President. A blonde beauty who rose from prostitution to become the first lady.

Lottá: A girl from northern Denmark, of the Sámi people. A blonde with good features and elongated eyes. Her mouth is large.

Aisha: a girl from the Emirates. An Arabic beauty with strong facial features and long abundant thick black hair.

Gugu: A spectacular girl from South Africa. Lasciviously shaped and with a matching face.

Yan Yan: A sexy Malaysia girl. A thin waist complements her scultural figure.

In Why, Why? the lifestyle is gone. The United States and Europe have been hindered. The only thing that matters is survival.

Kaya: a native American from a reservation in Montana. She is sinuous, sexy, lithe, erotic, she outshines any girl. Such a nubile beauty is hard to find.

Ryan: the CEO of State Street. Survivor of a plane crash, finds Kaya and together begin a survival trip across America.

Mayra: leader of a band of cannibals. She finds Kaya and Ryan and becomes their lover.

Marta: assistant to Rodrigo. A promiscuous Mexican beauty.

Rodrigo: Young and rich, he wants to be president of Mexico. Kaya seduces him.

Ottilie: a survivor. She has done everything to survive. She meets Kaya and becomes her angle of death.

Qing: Paramount leader of China. Astute and practical. He is in love with Kaya.

Isabella: queen of Denmark. An aristocrat that does not follow the rules.

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