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These stories take place in the far future, Ariana & Drako around the year 7050 and Aiae a 1000 years later. They describe the adventure of the human race and its associated races.
  At this time the human race, along with many others, is rich. Rich in culture and rich in wealth. It is so rich that everything is free. However, there are some places where this is not the case. One of those places is Chimera, a planet-city older than history where more than 8,000 races live in thousands of districts. That is the core of these tales.
Drako lives in an ordinary place. He lives in an incredibly luxurious Devos Club, surrounded by hundreds of people whose only concern is with whom they are going to have sex next.
  His life could be simple. His dreams are realized. As are the dreams of all human beings.
  However, he follows a Vision. He is a genius and thinks differently.
  His uniqueness is renowned and an artificial intelligence with a human body is designed especially for him. Ariana is his perfect woman.
  Ariana & Drako are the perfect couple that were literarily made for each other.
  They are audacious and cannot just live normal lives on the planet-city Chimera. They have to prove to themselves that life is worth living. That they can survive their self-chosen suicide missions and solve any riddle the universe throws at them.
  This is the story of their deliberate adventurous love. Lust and love that transcends human limits.

The most emphatic girl ever, who loves everybody without limits, is dedicated to discover the love of her life. She has had sex with a million partners and every time she has ended up disappointed because her enormous love is not returned at the same extreme level.
  Inside a rich and dissolute society where everything is free, she is famous for her sensual permissiveness.
  An old and mysterious god enters her life and then disappears. She dedicates her life and talents to find him. In her quest, she encounters many mysteries. Mythology and history become confused. Life on other planets and of other beings becomes her own. Her empathy compels her to assimilate and change alien civilizations.
  This is the story of her adventures. The story of her passions for mystifying people in strange places.
  The story of a girl with no limitations.

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