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The adventure continues in:

Ariana & Drako

This is the saga of a God, a God of Olympus, of the Indus River and of the Nile. It is the story of the God Cronus, which is irrevocably linked to the history of mankind.
  Cronus is also Amun and is Brahma. He wanted to be God because to have descendants is an overpowering desire which permeates all his actions.
  The story starts at Santorum, the University where all kind of beings learn how to establish religions and thus make themselves Gods by exploiting the universal pervasiveness of religions and disregarding their deleterious side effects.
  This the story of Cronus, an immortal God who periodically visits Earth to witness its chaotic history and where he accumulates memories and lovers.

His girls are part of history and of his story.


The river at night is captivating, the water whispers on my left, showing the wavering reflection of the light of an almost full moon. The sounds of the jungle on my right. My imagination hears tigers and other animals all the time. But I disregard them.
  A ‘chop, chop’ sound of feet splashing on water makes me look upstream and I see my nameless accom-plice. She looks fantastic, a nimble marvel running fast on the water, her nubile body bathed in silver by the moon-light.
  She crashes against me. I embrace her light body and lift her out of the water. Instinctively I kiss her. She does not know how, but we manage. She separates laughing.
  “I am Brahma. What is your name?”
  “Savitri.” And laughs again.

“You are extraterrestrial, an alternate?”
  “Yes, however my body is made of DNA and thereby I consider myself an original human girl.”
  “Your father has that technology? Who is he?”
  “He is a Tree from Groelko. A planet in another galaxy.”
  “An intelligent tree and a nymph who looks like me. This is very interesting.” Her eyes close, then they open with a radiance that shocks me. “Yes, you are right. The time is not right. I see no problem with what you told me, except for the fact that you are so much like me. Must be parallel evolution.”
  “No. Nymphs, fauns and satyrs are artificial constructs. Fabricated by Sislaém, an old and extinct Empire in the Andromeda galaxy. They used to hunt us.”
  “Nymphs, fauns and satyrs, how come we have fa-bles about them?”
  “My father is Cronus, God of Olympus, and he is also a satyr. My nymph sisters used to mingle with the Gods of Olympus, along with fauns and satyrs. That was more than five thousand years ago.”

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