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The War of the Classes

Before utopia can happen, the old ways must be forgotten. However, society is hard to change and that is the theme of this book. Before utopia there is turmoil, there is conflict.
  'The War of the Classes' is the story of Zhengmei and Manuel, heroes and victims of this paradigm change.
  They fight from the year 2020 to 2065, sometimes to improve the system, or to reduce the destructive effects of income inequality, and many times just to survive.
First book of the series:

'living dangerously in utopia'

Lately few science fiction books present scenarios with credible futures. Moreover, when they do that, many end up as dystopias, where the future is much worse than the present.

'living dangerously in utopia' introduces an optimistic and realistic scenario of what could happen in the near future of our civilization.
This utopia is a practical, not a perfect utopia. An optimized, but never perfect utopia, based on three basic assumptions.

  1. No material needs.
  2. Everybody is young, beautiful and in perfect health.
  3. Sex is free. Love me today, tomorrow love somebody else.

A society of abundance and youthfulness, created by technology, is supplemented by a culture with no sexual taboos. Thus, greed, jealousy and envy are reduced to a negligible level.
  Molecular level fabricators, perfect health, instantaneous communications and symbiotic rapport of humans with artificial intelligence, are the technological keystones in this utopia.


Zhengmei lies on the floor and I get a marvelous view. I never tire of looking at her body, so slender and yet so provocative and now even more so with her long straight jet-black hair scattered all around her. I kneel in front and bend to kiss her.

I speak, "There is a difference, we are not afraid. We have lived many lives and died many times."
  "Poetic and maybe true. You are exactly what I imagined, larger than life heroes. Maybe we should be afraid of you. Of what you can accomplish. I'm going to consider that and I will tell you what I know. Our connections are quantum entangled. My home is bug-free. I will tell you the truth, my truth."

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