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This is the story of a family. It starts in 2020 with the quest for social justice and equality of Zhengmei and Manuel . More than a century later, Teo and Gia continue with this quest.

These four books are included in the book 'Living Dangerously in Utopia.'
'The War of the Classes' is also the first book of 'Near Future Dystopia.'
The War of the Classes

The War of the ClassesOur country is in a depression, Zhengmei is a magnificent gorgeous girl and Manuel is strong and tall. They are a college student and an engineer just out of school. There are no jobs and they are looking for a way out.
  They join demonstrations and protests. An interminable kiss makes them the symbol of their movement. Their charisma elevates them to the top.
  Thus ensues their heroic and tragic role in a war that takes them into perilous and utmost contrasts, from paramount luxury to hunger and back.
  Their love makes them strong, their intelligence proficient, and their courage unstoppable.
  They live many lives and die many times in the midst of a terrifying conflict.

"We live together and we die together."

The Preponderant Factor

The Preponderant Factor Everyone is living in utopia. The tumultuous 21st century is behind. The wealthy are immensely wealthy; the poor are only wealthy.
  Nobody has to work for a living; a generous stipend called Basic Income is enough to live at a high standard of living. Technology has advanced and manufacturing everyday items is costless.
  It is a place of beauty and pleasure where everyone is young. Beautiful young people mingle in real and virtual places, where sexual pleasures are prevalent.
  In this ideal world, Teo Noedi is a financial consultant who amasses a vast fortune skimming investors with a Trojan. This places him in conflict with investors and the law. His stunning girlfriend Gia and an intelligent machine that he named Anita, help him in this quest.
  This is their story of daring and perilous adventure that takes place in this splendid world and in its fantastic virtual worlds.

It is all in the Mind

It is all in the Mind Young people with unlimited wealth and luxury populate the world. In this utopia, Gia, Teo and Anita are immensely wealthy. Their hedonistic lives consist of eating and having sex. Nobody works. All do whatever they want.
  Alternate bodies and Artificial Intelligence backup allow living in multiple places at the same time. While your original is in the opera in Rome, one alternate is having sex, while another is at the beach.
  All are you, living your multiple lives. An ancient information system, named Perplexus, accessible through quantum-entangled communications, has made this paradise possible.
  When Gia, Teo and Anita learn that a religion created by extraterrestrials is trying to destroy their beautiful world, they must do something.
  Their adventure takes them to dangerous situations and unimaginable terrors. In a world where danger has been inconceivable for two hundred years.

The Restlessness

The Restlessness Our universe is just right for Gia, Ana, Toga and Teo, who have formed a perfect family. The future looks bright for them and for our human civilization.
Then the Restlessness strikes.
  Throughout the Disjointed Millennia, humanity suffers unbearable tragedy.
  Gia, Ana, Toga and Teo finally find a solution to the Restlessness. However, it entails Redesigning our Souls.
  Will this drastic measure mean the end of humankind, or will it be a new beginning?

Climax to the series:
'living dangerously in utopia'

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