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It is all in the Mind

Our civilization is paradise; all live their lives in incredible splendor. In this utopia, Gia, Anita and Teo discover that an antique alien race has established a religion on Earth.
  The religion is only the tip of a series of catastrophic events which threaten the survival of Earth and the human race.

Furthermore, many ancient prophesies portent these events and at the center of all of them is Gia.
Third book of the series:

'living dangerously in utopia'

Lately few science fiction books present scenarios with credible futures. Moreover, when they do that, many end up as dystopias, where the future is much worse than the present.

'living dangerously in utopia' introduces an optimistic and realistic scenario of what could happen in the near future of our civilization.
  This utopia is a practical, not a perfect utopia. An optimized, but never perfect utopia, based on three basic assumptions.

  1. No material needs.
  2. Everybody is young, beautiful and in perfect health.
  3. Sex is free. Love me today, tomorrow love somebody else.

A society of abundance and youthfulness, created by technology, is supplemented by a culture with no sexual taboos. Thus, greed, jealousy and envy are reduced to a negligible level.
  Molecular level fabricators, perfect health, instantaneous communications and symbiotic rapport of humans with artificial intelligence, are the technological keystones in this utopia.


Edar looks nervous. Most likely, because Gia and I, and Teo but that is irrelevant, are naked. Edar is wearing a short and his excitement is obvious. I am walking in front of him and I know that my dazzling body would make anybody nervous. I notice and exaggerate my walk. In this third of a gee gravity my movements are pompously jumpy.

I found an obtuse mention to future time. It came from a race, whose name I have translated as Nëclëpë, which lived in the Andromeda Galaxy, more than a hundred million years ago.
  They settled many planets in stars covering most of their galaxy, their domain spanned more than a hundred thousand light years across.
  Their history is spotty. I still haven’t found how they traveled between the stars. I am beginning to suspect that their main organization didn’t contribute to Perplexus. Maybe rogue groups did it illegally. If that is the case, this civilization could be a precursor to the Sislaém Empire.

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