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The Restlessness

Human population exceeds a trillion, in more than ten thousand terraformed planets. Gia, Teo, Ana and Toga have thousands of alternate bodies, in which they live many simultaneous lives.
  Then an unexplainable malaise affects biological brains. Originals and alternates are disjointed, the paradise is lost.
  For millennia, the family of Gia and Teo fight for survival.
  With unfounded optimism, Gia and Ana look for a cure to this malaise. Their quest makes them goddesses and at the same time makes them more human.
Fourth book of the series:

'living dangerously in utopia'

Lately few science fiction books present scenarios with credible futures. Moreover, when they do that, many end up as dystopias, where the future is much worse than the present.

'living dangerously in utopia' introduces an optimistic and realistic scenario of what could happen in the near future of our civilization.
  This utopia is a practical, not a perfect utopia. An optimized, but never perfect utopia, based on three basic assumptions.

  1. No material needs.
  2. Everybody is young, beautiful and in perfect health.
  3. Sex is free. Love me today, tomorrow love somebody else.

A society of abundance and youthfulness, created by technology, is supplemented by a culture with no sexual taboos. Thus, greed, jealousy and envy are reduced to a negligible level.
  Molecular level fabricators, perfect health, instantaneous communications and symbiotic rapport of humans with artificial intelligence, are the technological keystones in this utopia.

The epic conclusion of the series:

'living dangerously in utopia.'

I don a tight miniskirt and a strip of rubbery cloth to cover my nipples, both made of cooper to match my hair. I shake my head and my hair flows down all the way to my waist. I look at myself by means of Teo’s eyes and I know why he wants to have sex with me, right now. Then he moves his eyes and I see Gia and Ana, also from his point of view and I fall in love with them, they are so beautiful.
  As Zhengmei said, they are unnaturally gorgeous. It is not just their bodies, as mine is a copy and my face is even sexier. It is the package. They exude a confidence and a liveliness that is mystical. They are supernatural.

The men advance, those on the front line are brandishing carbon-fiber sticks. In the back, I see laser pistols and other weapons. Two meters, those closer to us lift their sticks. One meter, and a stick strikes my back. The meta-cloth becomes rigid and I feel only pressure. I kick the man in the face. His nose is broken. A barrage of laser lights and lighting envelops us. Thirty bodies are lying on the street. Must be dead, Eduardo’s police does not fool around. On the corner, the women are precipitously surrounded. They collapse.

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