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Sofia is a successful young woman. She lives in her New York loft surrounded by luxury and is vice president in the largest corporation in the world.
  Unexpectedly, she is fired. Her credit rating drops to zero and all of a sudden, she is indigent. She is homeless.
  She did nothing wrong, has good contacts, is superbly educated, efficient, and beautiful, how can this be happening to her?

It is the system. Without a good credit score, you are nothing. Without a good job, you are nothing. And there are very few good jobs. Most jobs have been automated.
  Such is the world in the second half of the twenty-first century.

She is homeless, hungry, and confused.
  She is Sofia. What can she do?

This is her story. Her story of vengeance against unknown enemies. The story of her fight against the system, taking advantage of its trappings and aberrations.   This is her story and of the family she creates.

“Sofia is indigent and homeless.
Her best prospect is prostitution.
She must do something.”

Twenty-three individuals, families is more adequate, who hold in excess of seventy percent of the wealth of the earth, make the group of Mrs. Xi and associates. She is not the richest, only politically convenient. According to Mrs. Xi’s meticulous records, they own most of everything. Now I know my enemies.
  I was right, these people are the greediest, but must also be the stupidest. I assume most inherited their wealth and as such, they don’t know how to make money. Their corporations were set up by their grandparents and they keep accumulating.
  I must follow this idea of stupidity and their belief that they are above the rest and deserve everything.

Three days of disturbances, looting, and protests under martial law. The military doesn’t want to use tanks and drones against their own people but could be forced to.
  In the United States, many congressmen declare that this is an attempt to take over the government by the democrats. The president responds that the only ones that are always trying to stage a coup d’état are the republicans and that it is a fact that they have tried, and failed, several times in the last fifty years.
  The republicans ask the armed forces to arrest the president, several generals respond positively. Richard was prepared, I sent him their conversations, and he arrests the generals and all republicans in congress. Many democrats protest those arrests, as they receive money from the same donors, and are jailed too.
  A bus carrying the most belligerent happens to encounter a mob of homeless and the congresspeople are lynched. A national tragedy that somehow brings a sharp reduction in the unrest.
  The same is happening, too fast, in the rest of the world. Too many governments have toppled, others have a de facto dictator.
  We have won.

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