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Finley is at the peak. A white super-rich man in his world of male white supremacy. The builder of the Space Hotel. The successful entrepreneur who is daily in the news.
  He notices Ana Maria, a singer with a superb bod. She is brown. Thereby, he asks his aide to bring her to his suite.
  His problems start there. He looked at the bod, at her brownness, at the inferior being who must comply with his wishes. Such is the tenet in the place and country where he lives. A place where your DNA is white, or you are nothing.
  He is from a country where only male whites are citizens. A country that belongs to Finley and his friends. He is American.
  Yet, Ana Maria is much more than a brown singer. Much more than her supreme bod. She is a dangerous beauty. She is a deathtrap.

Soon Finley grasps he is entrapped in Ana Maria’s machinations, where being brown is an asset and being a woman is heavenly.

“Thus is Finley trapped in a world of intrigue, assassination, and pleasure.
Where his values are moot and where he must go with the flow or die.”

In the morning we dress exotically and walk to an outdoor terrace, where James, maybe I should call him by his name, but I don’t try, is already there.
  We sit. He is talking on the phone, and he acknowledges our presence with a nod.
  The place is beautiful. Kiara is a delight and even the racist senator looks handsome and nice. He smiles with me and acts as if I were his equal. Which I am not. I am superior. I have learned fast. These brown people are efficient and as intelligent as I am, or more. And my new bod is incomparable. No white girl can compete.
  I study the face of the Senator. He was an object of interest to Ana Maria because his dossier says that his racism is unparalleled, but in his quest for power, he is looking for alliances with pandillas and other Latino groups. As only male whites vote, his is a path outside of democracy, their democracy. It’s the path of a coup d’état. My question now is, does he know my role, Anaia’s role in the Latino community?

Anaia and Xi are daring. They discussed implementing what I invented to get a good grade and are going to do it. Then, they discussed how to graft an old brain into a new body. Not only that, but they are also going to put a crazy psychotic in charge. Which, when I think of it, gives a lot of solidity to my idea.
  I would like to know this guy better. “Tell me how can I fuck your son? I want to know him better,” I say.
  Xi and Anaia look at me and then laugh.
  “You could say it more romantically,” Xi says. “But yes, it is a good idea. He will be like his father would have been, more than happy to fuck you. You are his dream girl. You are the dream girl of anyone. Let me arrange it.”

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