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Ben and Mireya have triumphed. Their criminal empire owns the world. A world where youth treatments keep everybody young. A world of happiness and joy, if you don’t challenge their power.
  It’s a stable society where their empire’s don’t rock the boat policy has kept change to a minimum.
  In this admirable culture, a strange urge is rocking society, it’s a strong sexual desire which affects women and men, a side effect of the vital youth treatments. Moral conduct, marriages and relationships are falling apart. The world is falling apart.
  Zayna, a precocious teenager with an utmost luscious appearance is a new concubine in Ben’s Seraglio. Mireya has chosen her.
  Zayna wants to fix the world. What can this naïve girl do?

“A feared criminal rules the world and his women are lovable assassins and popular heroines.
It would seem to be an unlikely society, until you read this book”


A woman is walking in this direction.
  I see her, one of the pack. She saunters through the side door.
  Temuera notices and asks, with a hint of disgust, “What do you want Hariata?”
  She doesn’t answer, fishes through her pockets and brings out a small lasergun. She stops three meters away. “You are under arrest for treason. I am Federal Agent Katherine Lumhold of the Australian Federal Police. Please do not offer any resistance. I have called the guards, who are under my direct orders.”
  I see two guards approaching the side door, from the other side. They cross the door, quite at ease, their powerful lasers pointing down. They must be thinking. What can four party-girls do?
  A bright laser light cuts the air and Hariata’s head and right arm drop rolling on the floor. I point my purse to the face of one of the guards and push two diamonds simultaneously. A bright light and the guard collapses; a millisecond later, the other falls.
  ‘Kill the guards outside.’ I give the order.
  The windows light up with furious light.
  I am now standing and face Temuera. “No, it’s not a joke. We are young but capable. I am the second wife of Ben Delanei and these are my assistants. There are hundred guards outside. They are here for our safety.”
  She is pale as paper. My concubines are calm.

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