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The adventure continues in:

War, Never

A General said, “The construction of the Wall has stopped.”
  The President commented, with a red face and bloated eyes. “That is disgusting, why is it happening?”
  “The President of Mexico insists that he will not pay for the Frontier Wall and the United States Congress refused to increase the budget for the Wall.”
  The President commented, with a red face and bloated eyes. “That is very, very, very bad. What are my options?”
  “Your options are to disregard this insult and publicly accept that the Wall will not be finished, or invade Mexico and make them pay.” The General says with a crooked smile.
  “I order the implementation of an invasion operation. I name it, ‘Fuck Mexico.’ I need a plan by tomorrow.”
  “A war? Wars are costly.”
  “It is a trivial war. I will have Mexico and the stupid Mexicans on their knees in one week. Maybe five days.”

Thus started the so called Trivial War, or at least that is the popular understanding. It has been seven years and millions of Mexicans, and even more Gringos, can never again be on their knees, as the dead cannot kneel.

“No enemy is trivial.
The story of how greed and stupidity
create a better world.
For some, at least.”


What a relief. I am alive! I thought those gringos were going to kill me when they were done raping me. I stand up, shake my head and my hair falls down my back. I partially cover my breasts and as much as I can with it and get out of the warehouse to find something to wear.
  I find the body of a girl, I believe she was Lety, who was not as lucky as I was. Her combatant outfit is laying on a side. I shake it to unstiffen the armored layers and try it on. It fits.
  I feel dirty, the sergeant and the four combatants were not gentle, even though I cooperated fully. I assume that saved my life, and the sergeant saved me too. He liked me, he didn’t want to share me with his troops, but they would have killed him if he didn’t. I assume that to save me he gave the order to rush out, immediately after the gang rape.

Brazilians are normally crazy, but what’s going on here inside the ferry is beyond crazy. Thaysa and I are quite drunk and still fall short from what I see around. I have been kissed by the twenty-five men and ten women of the torcida. Unseen hands have gone through my private parts. A man is embracing me tightly from behind and another is sucking my nipple. I am a slut, still this bizarre orgy shocks me; there is no fucking, which is a small consolation. I look at Thaysa and she is calm, she must have gone through situations like this.
  The torcida goes through customs dancing, chanting, “Brazil… Brazil,” and singing. We have no problem, we are drunk, our scant yellow and green vestments are disheveled and we shout and sing loud enough.
  Once out of customs we go to the bathroom. A girl is there and we change to fancy dresses, completely out of kilter with the torcida’s attires. The girl quickly retouches our makeup, throws away our wigs, brushes our hair and the three walk out.
  The guys of the torcida shout praises to our beauty, but don’t recognize us. We board a Mercedes and it takes us to the Fierro Hotel, which our bodyguards have totally booked.

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