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Anaia has retired from politics. Her hobby is space exploration. It is understandable. Finley built the space hotel.
  She suspects something is hiding from our view. She has seen shapes in space that have no explanation. And her perfect memory somehow forgets about them.
  Something is wrong!

Her girls are in charge of earth. Where abundance and automated governments have simplified their tasks. Univer-sal happiness is the goal. There is no fear of internal conflict.
  She suspects aliens. Extraterrestrials who want to suppress our efforts to conquer space.
  And the age of the universe implies civilizations millions of years old. Far more advanced than ours.
  She ponders if we are prepared to face beings far more advanced. If we would succumb as native civilizations on earth did when invaded by others slightly more advanced?

She is Anaia. If anybody can face the aliens, it is her.

“How can Anaia face extraterrestrials? Aliens whose civilization is too advanced. Beings who believe we are inferior.”

I sigh as I see how the top general, our enemy who inhabits the top of the building, sinks her claws into the clay of her resignation letter.   It took years, and the pirating of millions of ships during their innumerable attempts to circumvent our siege, but we are here, witnessing this important ceremony. Which to me does not mean a victory. It is a tribute to Anaia’s ideals
  The only sad side of the story is the rise in violent crimes the release into their society of billions of soldiers trained to kill has caused.
  It will last only a generation, that is the good part.
  Anaia is thinking in terms of billions of years. The universe is immense, but we have time.

I love Amor. I love Amante. I love Amada. They are better than Tanya. I showed them my videos of conversations I had with Tanya, they learned and now talk with me as Tanya used to. Her best themes are now theirs and her inflections, and her capricious sexual preferences are now performed by my three beauties, who are as interesting or maybe more, than any girlfriend I ever had.
  Two months to go. Now I cannot abort. It will take longer to go back than to reach our destination. I chuckle. I think of mis amores as living girls. They are alive, their limited AI gives them abilities. I will program them to accompany me in my investigations. I chuckle. Most likely I will find ashes. That’s what most of the destinations come about to be. Time, wars, and stupidity destroyed the civilizations of the dinosaurs’ gods.

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