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Let’s Think

The other day I saw an article where a search for advanced civilizations in 100,000 galaxies yielded no positive results: (phys.org/news).

They looked for infrared emissions.
  That made me think. What would an advanced civilization require to be really advanced?

I made my own list:
  1. Good health and long living span.
  2. A nice environment. Including impeccable food and shelter.
  3. Friends or enemies, to have fun with.
  4. Travel, spectacles, ways of dealing with a lot of free time.
  5. Goods???
  Who knows, it is not easy to fathom the needs of advanced beings who live in vacuum, underwater or are trees.

Let us simplify, imagine an advanced human civilization; what would we need?
  • Health and a long youthful life. Definitely.
  • Food and shelter. That is very easy, we could do it now.
  • No material needs. We are reaching that point. I assume it will be a reality by the end of this century. At that point, consumption will be limited to what we need, not to what we crave, to shine above our neighbors.
  • Communications. An implanted nano-brain-interface is not beyond what could be achieved in a 100 years.
  • Computing power. Just connect the interface to a super-efficient, maybe instantaneous, Cloud/Internet.
  • Friends. Use virtual spaces to link, talk, play, have sex, live your own adventures and have fun (better that TV). Or play piano or futbol.
  • Travel. Find some source of exotic matter to activate wormholes. Go anywhere nearly instantaneously. Most likely there is the need to have an end portal. Thus, they could befriend other advanced civilizations that have the same technology. As an alternative, how about teleportation?
  • War? No! They would have seen the infrared emission of those stupid civilizations, burning in ashes.
  Total energy usage: How about 50 watts per person?

If you don’t believe me, look at our brains; 20 watts, that is all they use.
  There is no infrared radiation at those levels.

I deal with those issues, please read about them in these books of my series Surviving Pandemonium:

June 2, 2015

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