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The adventure continues in:


The world is a pipedream of capitalism, very few own the wealth and Catriona is one of those few. Her grandfather died and she inherited his fortune. His mother and father are also rich, but she is the richest person on earth.
  She lives in splendor, she is the richest, but she wants more. Thereby she decides to follow her grandfather’s plans.   Ziba is the lover of a rich man. She has been a poor prostitute and espouses the idea of changing the world, where billions are unemployed and depend on the charity of the rich.
  She meets Catriona in a casual encounter. Catriona believes Ziba is her soulmate and embraces her idea of changing the world.

But Catriona believes in capitalism. She wants to own the world in order to change it. She wants to be the owner of the destiny of all.

“A dysfunctional world with the wealth in the hands of few.
Catriona, a rich aristocrat.
Ziba, a poor prostitute.
Two girls without bounds.
Is the world ready for them?"


This is not normal, Sandra has a handgun in her hand. And two guys are half hidden by the door behind her. I push Catriona to one side and fall to the other. Rolling and grabbing my gun. I am behind a china cabinet. I hear shots. I gaze out. I see a guy looking to the other side, where Catriona fell. I point, the dot is on his face and pull the trigger. He falls.
  I can see Catriona’s shoes. She is moving. Perfect. Tha’m is nowhere.
  I hear a shot. How many? I saw two and Sandra. Our bodyguards will be here soon. Unless they have been ambushed. I cannot count on them.
  No shots. I kneel up behind the china and hear a shot. I yell, “Shoot!” I hear two shots. Catriona and Tha’m are okay.
  I hear, “Lower your weapons, we are police officers,” with Sandra’s voice.
  Who knows if they are, even so, they are shooting at us.
  I jump out shooting. They are four, Sandra and three more. I hear shots, too late. I am covered under the table, behind one of the sturdy bases.

I look at my father again, he is livid. “How are things going? How was the Progressive Mass? Did you arrive at any conclusion?”
  I keep looking at him.
  His arrogant self comes back sooner than I expected. Well, he is my father.
  “It was a nice reunion, with progressive people. It is what the world needs, peace and progress,” he answers.
  “Absolutely. I would like to be a member. Like Jing and Jia.” I look at them, as they are standing behind my father’s friends. “What was debated at the Progressive’s meeting?”
  “Revolution,” Jing says.
  I look at my father.
  He smiles, slanting his head, reminding me of me. I smile too, and slant my head. He notices and laughs.
  “You are my daughter,” he says.
  “I killed my mother, remember.” My smile doesn’t change.
  His smile evaporates. “What are you going to do?’
  “I don’t know. I would like to be friendly with you, as if you were my father, but I see you are incorrigible.”

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