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how it is to live in utopia?
imagine the world during the rest of this century
fathom the extent of progress which artificial intelligence will bring

Books by Humberto Contreras

Humberto Contreras

Humberto Contreras

Humberto Contreras is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Structural Engineering and a Doctorate in Earthquake Engineering.
  As an expert in probabilistic and stochastic systems, he implemented solutions involving risk analysis and safety of Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Waste.
  He has also been a computer software consultant for major corporations.
  He currently writes books and lives in New England and the Riviera Maya.
The ideas behind my books have matured over the years. I have noticed notable changes in productivity and availability of food and goods.
  Compared to the times when I was young, there is now superabundance of industrial products, which are better and in many cases incredible.
  At the same time, I monitor current trends in science and technology, and what I notice is unbelievable progress.
  Many say that the rate of technological progress is exponential.
  In nano, bio and computer technologies, the extent of discoveries is impressive. Ten years ago, the human genome was sequenced. Today the role of thousands of genes is being worked out. A smart phone is as powerful as a supercomputer of a few years ago. Nano achievements have the idea of being magical.
  3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing and too many other ideas are shaping an amazing near future.


The History of the 21st Century
Practical Artificial Intelligence

living dangerously in utopia
The War of the Classes
The Preponderant Factor
It is all in the Mind
The Restlessness
2012 to 2080
2013 to 2100

2020 to 2065
2262 to 2266
2683 to 15751
  My books are associated with a chronology of technological progress.


Zhengmei: a slim, striking girl, an activist who is in love with Manuel.
Manuel: tall and strong, smart, fearless and resourceful.

Gia: genetically designed, intelligent, gorgeous, Teo's girlfriend.
Teo: a man of action, who invented a way to skim money from investors.
Anita: a quantum computer who has acquired intelligence surpassing humans.

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