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After a while, our jog turns into the Dance and our backup helps us with the music and the motions. A circle opens up at the center of the temple. We use the space and our new bodies’ responsiveness improves the Dance beyond the original. Our naked beauty and grace suddenly appears in gigantic 3D displays floating above us. I look at us through Teo eyes. I am amazed, and he is awed.
A plausible future for our civilization. Following the story of the family of Zhengmei and Manuel, where Gia and Teo play an interesting role.

A utopia (or Eutopia, derived from the Greek εΰ ("good" or "well") and τόπος ("place"), means "good place", and is strictly speaking the correct term to describe a positive utopia) is a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities. The term has been used to describe both intentional communities that attempt to create an ideal society, and imagined societies portrayed in fiction.

To imagine these scenarios I just had to project the future following present day trends. Nothing changes, except that capital takes over completely under the lack of a need for labor. It is like in the old times. Labor can be bought, only that now they are not slaves, they are called robots. Under the rules of capitalism, winner takes all. Wealth accumulation is all-encompassing and even though there is enough for everybody, greed triumphs and there are no jobs and thus no money for the masses.

That is the starting point for the War of the Classes,’ where Zhengmei and Manuel are trying to survive a worldwide recession instigated by American politicians. It rapidly deteriorates into a civil war. The story follows them through their heroic and tragic life. During which, as Manuel says, they live many lives and die many times.
  It continues in The Preponderant Factor,’ almost a hundred years later, with Gia and Teo. They live in a place of beauty, iMed implants make people young. Artificial Intelligence and automation have eliminated the need to work.
  A hundred years go by and in It is all in the Mind,’ Gia, Anita and Teo are living in a world where quantum entangled interactions are possible with other civilizations and intelligent entities. An ancient information repository has opened the way.
  Four hundred years later, in The Restlessness,’ a malevolent effluvium pervades into the minds of biological intelligent beings. Only the family of Teo, Gia and Ana and few others stay together.
In this utopia, Gia musses about her life:

'Teo is the love of my life. I live for him and he lives for me. I am his wife. The fact that I have accepted other wives just proves that I love him and that he loves me. We have been married for thousands of years, during that time society has changed and I have not. I have had to reinvent our love, several times.
  Today he acquires another wife, who is marrying him not because she loves him, but because she loves me. She is not lesbian, she is a Kynntr and they adore my DNA. Adore, like if I were a goddess, adore like in a religion.
  I am signing the contract, in a useless ceremony that just serves to show off our dresses. For thousands of years I have stayed naked. Now I have dressed for the ceremony. I feel awkward, I feel overdressed.
  I look at me through Teo’s eyes. My dress is exquisite and I am supernaturally gorgeous. The combination is shocking. I had forgotten that I am the most beautiful girl in the universe.
  Teo knows, in front of him is an alien beauty and still, he is salivating while planning how he is going to have sex with me. I send him some ideas and he is more than ready. It is good that he is dressed in a Tuxedo. I had also forgotten that clothes were designed to hide the sexual firmness of men.
  Ana signs, then Toga, and now it is the bride Kyka who signs, while fierily looking at me. Teo is last, he is mesmerized by his four wives, but I know that I am his first wife and the love of his life.
  I am also the only one who is originally human. Although, these days it is hard to tell the difference. We, his four wives, are superlatively beautiful, as is expected from the man who shaped the modern world, many thousand years ago.'

The story of a bountiful utopia. Where fascinating people live happy and fulfilled.

A civilization fulfilled by love, lust and hedonism.

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