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Six futures. Six possible scenarios where our country does not fare well.
The choices are grim: revolution, criminals, concentation camps, war, death, senseless destruction. Nothing good.

A dystopia (from the Greek δυσ and τόπος, kakotopia, or anti-utopia) is a community or society that is in some important way undesirable or frightening. It is the opposite of a utopia. Dehumanization, totalitarian governments, environmental disaster, or other characteristics associated with a cataclysmic decline in society often characterize dystopias.
To imagine these scenarios I just had to project the future following present day trends. Nothing changes, except that capital takes over completely under the lack of a need for labor. It is like in the old times. Labor can be bought, only that now they are not slaves, they are called robots.
  Under the rules of capitalism, winner takes all. Wealth accumulation is all-encompassing and even though there is enough for everybody, greed triumphs and there are no jobs and thus no money for the masses.

What can the masses do? Rebel, as in The War of the Classes? Become criminals, as in A Criminal with Ethics? Kill and be killed in an eternal useless war, as in The War that Saved the World? Bear misery in concentration camps, as in Unendurable? Or use asymetric warfare tactics to fight against an all powerful enemy, as in A Trivial War? Or let capitalism absorb everything, as in Contrast?

Their starting point is different, War of the Classes starts in 2020 and lasts almost fifty years. The adventures of Mireya and Ben Delaney in A Criminal with Ethics take place in 2078. The War that Saved the World is in full swing in 2080. The suffering of Unendurable is set for 2099. Seven years have passed from the start of A Trivial War when the narrative commences. Contrast does not have a specific timeframe, but could happen at any moment.

Each of the six futures in this series presents a different scenario. Therefore they are totally independent and can be read in any order

Four of these books are included in the book 'Near Future Dystopia.'.
'The War of the Classes'
is also the first book of the series Living Dangerously in Utopia.’
The War of the Classes

The War of the Classes Our country is in a depression, Zhengmei is a magnificent gorgeous girl and Manuel is strong and tall. They are a college student and an engineer just out of school. There are no jobs and they are looking for a way out.
  They join demonstrations and protests. An interminable kiss makes them the symbol of their movement. Their charisma elevates them to the top.
  Thus ensues their heroic and tragic role in a war that takes them into perilous and utmost contrasts, from paramount luxury to hunger and back.
  Their love makes them strong, their intelligence proficient, and their courage unstoppable.
  They live many lives and die many times in the midst of a terrifying conflict.

First book of the Series:

Living Dangerously in Utopia

"There is a difference, we are not afraid. We have lived many lives and died many times."

"Poetic and maybe true. You are exactly what I imagined, larger than life heroes. Maybe we should be afraid of you. Of what you can accomplish. I'm going to consider that and I will tell you what I know. Our connections are quantum entangled. My home is bug-free. I will tell you the truth, my truth."
A Criminal with Ethics

It is the year 2078, and criminals run our civilization. Those with more exploit those with less. It is an exploitation chain where winner takes all. A few families hoard all the wealth and the remainder are destitute drug addicts.
  Under these conditions, Ben Delanei is a criminal and a businessman. He started from nothing and now is extremely successful. That means many things: unlimited wealth, unrestrained murders and any girl he wants are the perks. Danger, internal ethical conflicts and treacherous enemies are the terrible consequences.
  He is alone and dissatisfied. He has everything. He has won and he is alone.
  Mireya, an unwilling gang leader, even more hardened than he is, finds him. She falls in love with his money and power. He falls in love with her decisiveness, courage and sculptural body.

This is the story of their opportunistic love, which transcends crime, violence and jealousies.

"A quick paced saga with the most unlikely heroes. A dire view of what our society could become.

A nonstop lifelike tale of passionate adventure with lustful love."
No Ethics, Please

Ben and Mireya have triumphed. Their criminal empire owns the world. A world where youth treatments keep everybody young. A world of happiness and joy, if you don’t challenge their power.
  It’s a stable society where their empire’s don’t rock the boat policy has kept change to a minimum.
  In this admirable culture, a strange urge is rocking society, it’s a strong sexual desire which affects women and men, a side effect of the vital youth treatments. Moral conduct, marriages and relationships are falling apart. The world is falling apart.
  Zayna, a precocious teenager with an utmost luscious appearance is a new concubine in Ben’s seraglio. Mireya has chosen her.

Zayna wants to fix the world. What can this naïve girl do?

“A feared criminal rules the world and his women are lovable assassins and popular heroines. It would seem to be an unlikely society, until you read this book”


In the year 2099, the whole world is a supercapitalistic society, where a thousand families own everything. The economy is flourishing; productivity and technology have produced all kinds of marvels. Nevertheless, in this marvelously rich society, Andrew Drexel wonders why 99.9% of the people are so poor.
  Poor people, imprisoned inside enclosed Relocation Areas, live in squalor, violence and suffering. Seven billion are inmates, while seven million live in decadent luxury.
  Ursula was born inside one of these RR centers, she is young, but understands that the system is evil. Andrew has sought refuge inside the RR from the ParaRich families who control the world.
  Danger brings them together.
  Andrew understands the worlds of rich and poor. Ursula wants change. In peril and hiding, their electrifying love creates fortuitous synergism.
  With the help of a dreaded artificial intelligence, they try to create a new world order. A task well above their capabilities.

“Ursula’s restlessness and Andrew’s relentlessness bring continuous action and love into their lives.
They use their decisiveness and intelligence to handle the most terrible situations.”


Humanity has achieved everything. This is its golden age and still Ursula is depressed. She has reasons, her sister is dead, Andrew is a long forgotten sad memory and her life is artless, just orgies and sex to combat her demoralized mood.
  In this age, where flawless Illuminati bodies made of synthetic DNA have supplanted homo sapiens. In this age, when life is so easy and comfortable. She wonders how can she be so disheartened?
  Nevertheless, she has the drive to keep on living, after more than 15 millennia, she still desires to keep on living. She created this world order. How can she abandon it?
  She shaped this society, where everything is freely available, where people have forgotten greed and enjoy a simple lifestyle. They walk nude, showing off their perfect young bodies that can live forever. Wormholes provide instantaneous transportation. There is plenty to do, hobbies, orgies, projects and dangerous sports are popular. Their homes are lavish, as is everything that surrounds them.
  Civilization is at a standstill; perfection has been achieved on Earth and nobody wants to explore the cosmos, potentially full of strange civilizations and dangers.
newBlock   Agatha, the IA which is embedded in every human mind and keeps the world running, discovers that extraterrestrial have reached the solar system.
  She needs Ursula and Andrew to help her deal with this threat. Is there a way to bring this couple together again?

Sequel of:


The War that Saved the World

For decades, the world has been at war. A disorganized and asymmetric war of devastation, which according to some has saved the world, by eliminating unemployment.
Technology invented automation, which after 2030 produced a huge unemployment problem. Production is excessive and strangely, there are no jobs. Politicians solved this problem by enlisting the unemployed in the military to replace the banned war robots. It is a perfect solution.
  At least, that is what the super-rich and their docile politicians believe. This war is their dream. Their factories sell arms, their construction companies reconstruct, thenewBlocky live like kings and the poor die in glorious battles.
  Jarozlava is a Russian assassin and a spy, detained as an enemy combatant by the US Army. Her incredible efficiency and extreme beauty elevate her to the rank of medic, in charge of relimbing wounded soldiers.
  Tse is an American Indian, drafted to be a mercenary. His valor qualifies him for enhanced limbs.
  Jarozlava lures him to arrange for her escape.
  They become a team. Two brutal assassins that think alike and work perfectly together. They inevitably fall in love.
  For different reasons, they detest war and try to bring peace to the world. It is not easy. Jarozlava and Tse must fight against the system, ingrained customs and even human nature.

“Jarozlava is a biological robot intrigued by her lack of childhood.
Tse is an outstanding enhanced combatant.
This is the interesting story of their battle to pacify a world immersed in total war.”
Imperatrix Mundi

A thousand years into the future humankind is thriving on Earth and a multitude of habitats orbiting around the Sun, where Imperatrix Mundi guarantees universal peace.
  Technology has made possible a society where people are forever young and have everything they want. There are no worries and people should be happy.
  They are, but for how long?
  There is this inner awareness that science has reached its limits and that it is impossible to reach the stars. The feeling that civilization has reached a plateau and the future is gloomy. There is nowhere to go.
  Lorenzo, a son of the Imperatrix is marauded on Earth, where he finds Dianne, a scrawny teenage girl. Their destiny sets them on an adventurous path that collides with the ambitions of centuries old people.
  However, when Lorenzo is assassinated, Dianne finds that she is in charge.
  What can she do?

We are dressed up for the inauguration.
Nude, with a few jeweled necklaces, bracelets and rings.
Our bodies are so perfect that covering them is a sin.
At least, this is the custom in Imperatrix Mundi’s domains.

A Trivial War

A General said, “The construction of the Wall has stopped.”
  The President commented, with a red face and bloated eyes. “That is disgusting, why is it happening?”
  “The President of Mexico insists that he will not pay for the Frontier Wall and the United States Congress refused to increase the budget for the Wall.”
  The President commented, with a red face and bloated eyes. “That is very, very, very bad. What are my options?”
  “Your options are to disregard this insult and publicly accept that the Wall will not be finished, or invade Mexico and make them pay.” The General says with a crooked smile.
  “I order the implementation of an invasion operation. I name it, ‘Fuck Mexico.’ I need a plan by tomorrow.”
  “A war? Wars are costly.”
  “It is a trivial war. I will have Mexico and the stupid Mexicans on their knees in one week. Maybe five days.”

Thus started the so called Trivial War, or at least that is the popular understanding. It has been seven years and millions of Mexicans, and even more Gringos, can never again be on their knees, as the dead cannot kneel.

“No enemy is trivial.
The story of how greed and stupidity
create a better world.
For some, at least.”
War, Never!

The Block of Friends has prevailed, on Earth and on the planet of the insect invaders. Jade, Katelin, Marco and Jorge have triumphed, the people of Earth are enjoying peace, prosperity and abundance without exploitation. Everything is fine, isn’t it?
  It should be, but greed, despotism and intolerance are human traits, and secret societies who want to topple The Block are proliferating on Earth. This is a great concern to The Block. However, it is nothing when compared to unknown extraterrestrial threats.
  Wormholes make the universe reachable, but it’s an immense place, where mysterious civilizations and entities live in innumerable planets and habitats.

Reishi and Daniel are the new generation of The Block of Friends and have ideas of their own. Will their ideas help them to deal with powerful civilizations older than history, while assuring the survival of humanity?

“Unending unfathomable mysteries exposed while exploring
alien civilizations.
A nonstop adventure driven by flair and courage.”

Sequel of:

A Trivial War


The world is a pipedream of capitalism, very few own the wealth and Catriona is one of those few. Her grandfather died and she inherited his fortune. His mother and father are also rich, but she is the richest person on earth.
  She lives in splendor, she is the richest, but she wants more. Thereby she decides to follow her grandfather’s plans.
  Ziba is the lover of a rich man. She has been a poor prostitute and espouses the idea of changing the world, where billions are unemployed and depend on the charity of the rich.
  She meets Catriona in a casual encounter. Catriona believes Ziba is her soulmate and embraces her idea of changing the world.

But Catriona believes in capitalism. She wants to own the world in order to change it. She wants to be the owner of the destiny of all.

“A dysfunctional world with the wealth in the hands of few.

Catriona, a rich aristocrat.
Ziba, a poor prostitute.
Two girls without bounds.

Is the world ready for them?"

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