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My series reflect an aspiration of writing about possible future scenarios. Sometimes I am frustrated when I read science fiction or hear ‘experts’ talk about the future. I believe that the future is not going to be just a repeat or a linear projection of what we have now. It has never been like that. I look back into my youth and I see a different world. What surprises me most is the abundance of goods and the convenient ways to acquire them. Not long ago, even food was scarce and people died of hunger. Nowadays if anybody is hungry is not because there is no food, it is because that person has no money.
  I project these thoughts into my book series. You can read more about my assumptions in my page about utopia.

'living dangerously in utopia' takes place in several different times and these scenarios illustrate an imaginable manner in which our civilization might develop.
We start with the War of the Classes,’ where Zhengmei and Manuel are trying to survive a worldwide recession, which has been instigated by American politicians.
  It rapidly deteriorates into a civil war and as is the norm in these cases, there is destruction, death and political chaos. The story follows the couple through their heroic and tragic life. During which, as Manuel says at one time, 'they live many lives and die many times.'
  Nevertheless, life continues and in other parts of the world, and even in America in the midst of this terrible conflict, technology continues its exponential drive forward. The most notable development is 'rejuvenation treatments' which restore youth and preclude most diseases. This miracle is soon replaced by an implanted mechanism, half nano and half bio, which balances the biochemistry of the body. I call it iMed.
  In Europe, South America and the Far East progress continues, even though it is continuously abated by the persistent problems taking place in North America.
  By mid-century experimental quantum computers provide instantaneous and secure transfer of information, brain-computer interfaces permit voice and text communications, and in some cases can even show what the caller is looking at with his or her eyes.
  Several teams are developing prototypes of self-driven flying cars, or fCars. These take advantage of ultra-light and very strong materials alongside advances in batteries, automated control, propulsion and aerodynamic systems.
  By this time, all regular cars are self-driven.

The story continues in ‘The Preponderant Factor,’ almost a hundred years later, with Gia and Teo. He has developed a way of skimming Wtt, the energy based worldwide currency introduced after fiat money suffered catastrophic devaluations during the 21st Century, from investors.
  Teo is action oriented and Gia is the daughter of Nur, who was designed by her father, before the designer-baby regulations were enacted. They are like twins, their DNA is the same. Nur and Gia are unnaturally gorgeous.
  They live in a place of beauty, people are kept young by their iMed implants and everybody gets a generous stipend called Basic Income. Artificial Intelligence and automation have eliminated the need to work, even then, many people work to augment their income.
  Molecular fabrication creates magical products. Chef machines in the kitchen, apparel fabricators inside the closets and generic fabricators produce everything.
  Virtual worlds provide the means to socialize and work. Their accelerated environment makes working more efficient and enhance recreation venues. People appear in these worlds through avatars. While putting together his scam, Teo acquires an AI machine which he calls Anita. He makes her the CEO of his main company and thanks to their interaction and the autonomy that Teo gives her, Anita develops a distinct personality. She even believes that she is in love with Teo.
Anita is a quantum computer, of the same kind as those who operate the best virtual worlds. Through entanglement they are attuned to the brain-interfaces of the visitors to the sites. In this way, total immersion in the virtual scenarios is possible, allowing having sex, eating and the feel of living inside these accelerated worlds. Of course, whatever is done inside them does not transcend into the real world.

fCars are widespread, flyways provide order to the traffic flying at between 300 and 500 kilometers per hour, depending on the vehicle's category.

Another hundred years go by and in ‘It is all in the Mind,’ Gia, Anita and Teo are now living in a world where quantum entangled interactions are possible with many other civilizations and intelligent entities. An ancient information repository has opened the way.
  Instead of a person traveling to other worlds, an alternate body is fabricated on another planet on which Earth people have visitation privileges, which becomes an alter-ego of that person. This discovery has made possible to live simultaneously in several bodies, multiplying the living experience. To control more than two alternates, AI backup is needed.
  Teo and Gia have many alternate bodies, in addition to their originals. Anita, being an intelligent machine, has only alternates. Thus, the distinction between humans and intelligent machines has been eliminated. Anita is now part of the family and her alternates have sex with Teo, with full consent of Gia.
  As a wedding gift for Teo, Anita, now Ana, gestates an original body. Thus, the cycle of AI and human is now complete. Linking all human and machine minds into one is thus possible.
  During the course of conflict with other civilizations, the technology of wormholes, later called portals, is rediscovered and perfected. This way, personal transportation between planets becomes possible.

Manuel and Zhengmei are reborn, in gestated bodies with reconstructed memories.

Four hundred years later, in ‘The Restlessness,’ a malevolent effluvium pervades into the minds of biological intelligent beings, triggering the independence of most originals and alternates. Only the family of Teo, Gia and Ana and a few others stay together.
  The discovery of primitive teleportation on the planet of the race that ruled the Andromeda Galaxy a hundred million years ago, leads to the development of personal teleportation.
  The Restlessness is finally eliminated by 'Redesigning our Souls,' where the original and alternate human bodies are exchanged for new ones with distributed quantum brains, which do not feel its crippling effects.

‘surviving pandemonium' takes place thousands of years before and after, in the same civilization of 'living dangerously in utopia.'
'Santorum' chronicles the saga of a God, a God of Olympus, of the Indus River and of the Nile. It is the story of the God Cronus, who is irrevocably linked to the history of mankind.
  Cronus is also Amun and is Brahma. He wanted to be God, because to have descendants is an overpowering desire which permeates all his actions.
  The story starts at Santorum, the University where all kind of creatures learn how to establish religions by exploiting the universal pervasiveness of religions. There Cronus learned to be a God. Although the deleterious side effects were never mentioned.
  This the story of Cronus, an immortal God who periodically visits Earth to witness its chaotic history and where he accumulates memories and lovers.

His girls are part of history and of the legend.
It is the story of an immortal being, and his visits to Earth, encompassing from the end of the stone age to well past the Restlessness, narrated by him and his magnificent favorite lovers: Gaelea of Miterie, Leda of Macedonia, Ubon of the River, Savitri of the Ganges, Thaïs of Alexandria, Judith of the Middle Ages, Crystabel of Florence, Malinalli of Tenochtitlan, Julie of Chicago, Helga of Berlin, Nur of the Mediterranean, Kristine of Olympus, Gia of Eötvös and Aiae of Chimera.

Marvelous tales of romance and adventure, as experienced by a God and his not so naïve native girls. History unfolds under his eyes with all its nuances; where tragedy begets progress, oppression nurtures technology and greed leads to freedom.
In the novel Ariana & Drako,’ He is the product of a lottery where his mother lost and had to bring a child to life with a mysterious father. Soon he discovers that he is unique. He is a stubborn genius.
  Drako lives in an ordinary place. He lives in an incredibly luxurious Devos Club, surrounded by hundreds of people whose only concern is with whom they are going to have sex next. His life could be simple. His dreams are realized. As are the dreams of all human beings.
  However, he follows a Vision. He is a genius and thinks differently. His self-proclaimed Vision is discovery.
  His uniqueness is renowned and an artificial intelligence with a human body is designed especially for him. Ariana is his perfect woman.
  Ariana & Drako are the perfect couple that were literarily made for each other.
  They live on a planet-city called Chimera, where two hundred billion people of all races populate the planet. The best and the worst can be found here. The planet is one city, with enigmas and secrets.
  They are audacious and cannot just live normal lives.
  They have to prove to themselves that life is worth living. That they can survive their self-chosen suicide missions and solve any riddle the universe throws at them.
  This is the story of their deliberate adventurous love. Lust and love that transcends human limits.
  Ariana and Drako have a son called Xae, who exceeds his father’s talents and a daughter, Aiae.

The novel ‘Aiae’ depicts a girl who is the most emphatic girl ever, she loves everybody without limits, and is dedicated to discover the love of her life. She has had sex with a million partners and every time she has ended up disappointed because her enormous love is not returned at the same extreme level.
  Inside a rich and dissolute society where everything is free, she is famous for her sensual permissiveness.
  After Aiae celebrates her thousand years birthday, an old and mysterious god enters her life and then disappears. She dedicates her life and talents to find him. In her quest, she encounters many mysteries. Mythology and history become confused. Life on other planets and of other beings becomes her own. Her empathy compels her to assimilate and change alien civilizations.
  This is the story of her adventures. The story of her passions with mystifying people in strange places.

The story of a girl with no limitations.

‘near future dystopia’ is a study of different scenarios where our current civilization takes the wrong direction. Not even that, most of these tales deal with what we are witnessing today. Growing income disparity and a tremendous accumulation of wealth and power.
Before utopia can happen, the old ways must be forgotten. However, society is hard to change and that is the theme of these books. Before utopia there is turmoil, there is conflict.

The story ‘War of the Classes’ is described above and also forms part of this series as it deals with a dystopia in the midst of technological progress and abundance.
‘A Criminal with Ethics’ takes place in the year 2078, when criminals run our civilization. Those with more exploit those with less. It is an exploitation chain where winner takes all. A few families hoard all the wealth and the remainder are destitute drug addicts.
  Under these conditions, Ben Delanei is a criminal and a businessman. He started from nothing and now is extremely successful. That means many things: unlimited wealth, unrestrained murders and any girl he wants are the perks. Danger, internal ethical conflicts and treacherous enemies are the terrible consequences.
  He is alone and dissatisfied. He has everything. He has won and he is alone.
  Mireya, an unwilling gang leader, and even more hardened than he is, finds him.
  She falls in love with his money and power. He falls in love with her decisiveness, courage and sculptural body.

This is the story of an opportunistic love, which transcends crime, violence and jealousies.
In 'No Ethics, Please' Ben and Mireya have triumphed. Their criminal empire owns the world. A world where youth treatments keep everybody young. A world of happiness and joy, if you don't challenge their power.
  It’s a stable society where their empire’s don’t rock the boat policy has kept change to a minimum.
  In this admirable culture, a strange urge is rocking society, it’s a strong sexual desire which affects women and men, a side effect of the vital youth treatments. Moral conduct, marriages and relationships are falling apart. The world is falling apart.
  Zayna, a precocious teenager with an utmost luscious appearance is a new concubine in Ben’s seraglio. Mireya has chosen her.

Zayna wants to fix the world. What can this naïve girl do?
'Unendurable’ In the year 2099, the whole world is a supercapitalistic society, where a thousand families own everything. The economy is flourishing; productivity and technology have produced all kinds of marvels. Nevertheless, in this marvelously rich society, Andrew Drexel wonders why 99.9% of the people are so poor.
  Poor people, imprisoned inside enclosed Relocation Regions, live in squalor, violence and suffering. Seven billion are inmates, while seven million live in decadent luxury.
  Ursula was born inside one of these RR centers, she is young, but understands that the system is evil. Andrew has sought refuge inside the RR fleeing from the ParaRich families who control the world.
  Danger brings them together.
  Andrew understands the worlds of rich and poor. Ursula wants change. In peril and hiding, their electrifying love creates fortuitous synergism.
  With the help of a dreaded artificial intelligence, they try to create a new world order.

A task well above their capabilities.
'Incongruent' Humanity has achieved everything. This is its golden age and still Ursula is depressed. She has reasons, her sister is dead, Andrew is a long forgotten sad memory and her life is artless, just orgies and sex to combat her demoralized mood.
  In this age, where flawless Illuminati bodies made of synthetic DNA have supplanted homo sapiens. In this age, where life is so easy and comfortable. She wonders how can she be so disheartened?
  Nevertheless, she has the drive to keep on living, after more than 15 millennia, she still desires to keep on living. She created this world order. How can she abandon it?
  She created this society, where everything is freely available, where people have forgotten greed and enjoy a simple lifestyle. They walk nude, showing off their perfect young bodies that can live forever. Wormholes provide instantaneous transportation. There is plenty to do, hobbies, orgies, projects and dangerous sports are popular. Their homes are lavish, as is everything that surrounds them.
  Civilization is at a standstill; perfection has been achieved on Earth and nobody wants to explore the cosmos, potentially full of strange civilizations and dangers.
  Agatha, the IA which is embedded in every human mind and keeps the world running, discovers that extraterrestrial have reached the solar system.
  She needs Ursula and Andrew to help her deal with this threat. Is there a way to bring this couple together again?
'The War that Saved the World' For decades, the world has been at war. A disorganized and asymmetric war of devastation, which according to some has saved the world, by eliminating unemployment.
Technology invented automation, which after 2030 produced a huge unemployment problem. Production is excessive and strangely, there are no jobs. Politicians solved this problem by enlisting the unemployed in the military to replace the banned war robots. It is a perfect solution.
  At least, that is what the super-rich and their docile politicians believe. This war is their dream. Their factories sell arms, their construction companies reconstruct, they live like kings and the poor die in glorious battles.
  Jarozlava is a Russian assassin and a spy, detained as an enemy combatant by the US Army. Her incredible efficiency and extreme beauty elevate her to the rank of medic, in charge of relimbing wounded soldiers.
  Tse is an American Indian, drafted to be a mercenary. His valor qualifies him for enhanced limbs.
  Jarozlava lures him to arrange for her escape.
  They become a team. Two brutal assassins that think alike and work perfectly together. They inevitably fall in love. For different reasons, they detest war and try to bring peace to the world.
  It is not easy. Jarozlava and Tse must fight against the system, ingrained customs and even human nature.
'Imperatrix Mundi' A thousand years into the future humankind is thriving on Earth and a multitude of habitats orbiting around the sun, where Imperatrix Mundi guarantees universal peace.
  Technology has made possible a society where people are forever young and have everything they want. There are no worries and people should be happy.
  They are, but for how long?
  There is this inner awareness that science has reached its limits and that it is impossible to reach the stars. The feeling that civilization has reached a plateau and the future is gloomy. There is nowhere to go.
  Lorenzo, a son of the Imperatrix is marauded on Earth, where he finds Dianne, a scrawny teenage girl. Their destiny sets them on an adventurous path that collides with the ambitions of centuries old people.
  However, when Lorenzo is assassinated, Dianne finds that she is in charge.
 What can she do?
'A Trivial War' A General said, “The construction of the Wall has stopped.”
  The President commented, with a red face and bloated eyes. “That is disgusting, why is it happening?”
  “The President of Mexico insists that he will not pay for the Frontier Wall and the United States Congress refused to increase the budget for the Wall.”
  The President commented, with a red face and bloated eyes. “That is very, very, very bad. What are my options?”
  “Your options are to disregard this insult and publicly accept that the Wall will not be finished, or invade Mexico and make them pay.” The General says with a crooked smile.
  “I order the implementation of an invasion operation. I name it, ‘Fuck Mexico.’ I need a plan by tomorrow.”
  “A war? Wars are costly.”   “It is a trivial war. I will have Mexico and the stupid Mexicans on their knees in one week. Maybe five days.”

Thus started the so called Trivial War, or at least that is the popular understanding. It has been seven years and millions of Mexicans, and even more Gringos, can never again be on their knees, as the dead cannot kneel.
'War, Never!' The Block of Friends has prevailed, on Earth and on the planet of the insect invaders. Jade, Katelin, Marco and Jorge have triumphed, the people of Earth are enjoying peace, prosperity and abundance without exploitation. Everything is fine, isn’t it?
  It should be, but greed, despotism and intolerance are human traits, and secret societies who want to topple The Block are proliferating on Earth. This is a great concern to The Block. However, it is nothing when compared to unknown extraterrestrial threats.
  Wormholes make the universe reachable, but it’s an immense place, where mysterious civilizations and enti-ties live in innumerable planets and habitats.

Reishi and Daniel are the new generation of The Block of Friends and have ideas of their own. Will their ideas help them to deal with powerful civilizations older than history, while assuring the survival of humanity?
'Contrast' The world is a pipedream of capitalism, very few own the wealth and Catriona is one of those few. Her grandfather died and she inherited his fortune. His mother and father are also rich, but she is the richest person on earth.
  She lives in splendor, she is the richest, but she wants more. Thereby she decides to follow her grandfather’s plans.
  Ziba is the lover of a rich man. She has been a poor prostitute and espouses the idea of changing the world, where billions are unemployed and depend on the charity of the rich.
  She meets Catriona in a casual encounter. Catriona believes Ziba is her soulmate and embraces her idea of changing the world.

But Catriona believes in capitalism. She wants to own the world in order to change it. She wants to be the owner of the destiny of all.

Renovate, I hear again and again, as I see proud people in elegant uniforms marching along avenues and past famous monuments all over the world.
  The video of Catriona and me is superimposed on a corner of the screen. The crowds are mimicking our march. Stiff legs and arms. Straight as a ruler. Our faces looking down and covered by masks, the uniforms hide our bodies, but the determination is obvious, and the word ‘Renovate,’ in all known languages, is flashing on top of us.

'technology & social impact,' my idea of the future was picked by facts I dumped into a story of the future of the 21st Century, a realistic take of what I found technology and social developments were leading us to. I found out that artificial intelligence will be developed. There are two impediments at the present time (2010-2012 when I wrote the books), lack of computing power and software. As these books explain, the threshold will be met between 2035 and 2050. At the same time, discoveries in nano, bio and computer technology will change our lives even more.
'The History of the 21st Century' the best that civilization has ever seen

The must read history of the 21st Century. You will be surprised to hear that optimism is an innate quality of civilization and that better times must be ahead of us. This will happen because the human race is a product of evolution, and evolution is characterized by its ability to forge ahead. This book will show you why the 21st Century will be the best that civilization has ever seen.
  Technology will continue to unleash progress in a way never seen before and computers leading the bio and nano technologies could very well create a world of abundance for all.
  To create this world of abundance for all the inhabitants of the earth there will be a need to recognize that people are not only citizens, but they are also and foremost consumers. If the world ever thinks like this, the poor will be rich and the rich even richer.
'Practical Artificial Intelligence'

Find out how and when computers and robots will become intelligent and how relationships between smart computers and humans will change society. A timeline will show you when to expect these paradigm changes.
Practical Artificial Intelligence Find out how and when computers and robots will become intelligent and how relationships between smart computers and humans will change society. A timeline will show you when to expect these paradigm changes.
  This is a tale of the forced evolution of computers and robots by means of scientific research, technological design and engineering so that they are able to learn, to interact with people and the environment, and to become conscious in their own way without necessarily becoming human-like.
  Creating Artificial Intelligence is most likely the toughest challenge that technology has ever confronted. However, there is no doubt of achieving this goal of developing AI in the near future. The question is up to what point human technology can advance machine intelligence. Will it be up to a level comparable, or maybe surpassing, human intelligence? No matter what the answer will be, smart computers and robots will be increasingly more important in our lives.
  To be useful, they will have to plan ahead and they will have to quantify the uncertainty inherent in any prediction about the future. The future that will take place in one millisecond or in one century.
  In this book, the technology is discussed; as well as the social, political and economic effects that these inventions will bring along. Our lives will change, be prepared.

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